…a thrilling quest at the heart of a powerful occult society…

Occultus – Mediterranean Cabal is a old fashioned point & click adventure set in Sicily in the early 1900s. The grandson of a renowned antique store owner arrives in Palermo to visit his grandfather. When he gets to the city, he discovers his grandfather’s store has been vandalized and that the old man has disappeared.

Dive into the heart of an unbelievable investigation where an occult power hides behind a kidnapping.

Make your way through the many hidden object scenes and solve the increasingly original puzzles.

Plunge yourself into a mysterious quest with alternate day/night scenes and evocative music.

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  • More than three hours of gameplay
  • Stunning hidden object scenes
  • A wide variety of minigames and enigmas
  • Explore the beautiful backdrops of early 20th-century Italy
  • Alternate day and night scenes
  • Intriguing characters at the heart of a quest into an occult world
  • Full audio in English, subtitles in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian

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