Videogames creation - Virtual and Augmented Reality - Interactive Experiences - 3D Animation - Motion Capture - 3D Modeling - Photogrammetry

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Sylphe labsVideogames and Virtual Reality

We love to develop our projects from concept to release, merging art and technology.


Who we are

We are an "indie" team of passionate people who develop Videogames. Virtual Reality Multimedia Apps.
Our company is based in Sicily and was founded in early 2010 by Luca Alba, Paolo Gallo e Filippo M. Vela.
We have been making games since the era of the Game Boy Color and Amiga, collecting a broad set of skills in coding, tech, graphics, animation, design and VFX for b2b application, advertisement, videogames and tv productions along the way.
For the past ten years, along with traditional game development, we have been focusing on Virtual Reality content creation for entertainment and professional use.
Virtual & Augmented Reality
Video & Serious Games
Animation & Motion Capture
3D Models & photogrammetry

Our team

Luca Alba
CEO, Level Editing, Animation, Game Logic, Game Design.
Paolo Gallo
CAO, Concept Art, Modeling, Texturing, Animation, Game Design.
Filippo M. Vela
CTO, Coding, Shading, Animation, Rendering, Music, Game Design.