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Concept and 3D Modeling

Design, 3D Modeling and Rigging of the main and secondary characters. Creation of specific 3d animations and 3D assets for the ARETE project – in collaboration with the CNR of Palermo – which aims to support the production of multi-user interactive technologies, through AR in the field of education. An alien has been created as a main character to play the role of “coach” and with other characters will be used together within a teaching and behavioural learning app.

3D Animation

Motion Capture animations have been created, processed, optimized and associated with the individual types of characters (alien, children, adults) in order to guarantee a more widespread use.

Models and animations have been created and optimized so that they can be integrated into the AR application on mobile devices.

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The realization of 3D models and animations have been supported by European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme, ARETE project under grant agreement No 856533