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CONVEY titolo | Sylphe labs

An investigation adventure into terrible crimes.

CONVEY – Not A Game is an investigation adventure into terrible crimes.
Across 5 chapters, through mini-games, flashbacks and videos based on real testimonies of violence survivors, you become the detective looking for the people responsible for the crimes committed against a child, a girl, a woman and a student, while your own history of violence from the past comes to the surface.

Learn the stories of the survivors and solve their cases while you get to know more about gender-based violence and consequences that both survivors and perpetrators face after such events. Don’t miss anything, even a small detail can be important to solve your investigation! Also, keep your eyes open, every location hides something interesting to spot! Challenge your friends and discover who is sharper and collect more points!

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Not A Game aims to open discussions and raise awareness on a very serious topic. Gender-based violence is an issue common to many societies worldwide. One in three women in the European Union have suffered physical or sexual violence at least once in their lifetime. Young women are particularly vulnerable also due to the access to new media combined with the deviant understanding of gender roles.
Can awareness-raising on gender stereotypes and on the sexualisation of women in digital media support the prevention of sexual violence and harassment against women and girls? The CONVEY project sets out to answer this question.