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Flarestar is a different kind of game, it is conceived to be played by visual impaired people.
Everything happens in audio only, the story and the actions are spatial sound events perceived all around the player.


Be ready to survive a dusky menace relying just on your hearing.

Space, starship Icarus on return course from Teta 1 Orionis system.

From first officer Galileo’s log: “…we left warp speed due to sudden appearance of star debris on our course…

Alone in space, on a colonial fleet starship, you will be thrown into an exciting adventure full of plot twists.

As the first officer Galileo you will ward off your crew and yourself from a deadly threat and unravel the mystery concealed behind it. Move inside the starship Icarus, engage with simulations on the holodeck, take over the ship’s command, explore the vastness of space and be ready to fight for your own life… relying solely on your hearing.”

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